Here is the new single… Hard Wu ft. Silenzer…I hope you enjoy.

 Past Songs and Videos

Cabin Fever EP

by Marcelo Quinonez

Some songwriting I did in 2012, culminating in the release of the Cabin Fever EP and video. Check out the Cabin Fever Video Here:


Amor, Cambio, Y La Verdad

by Cuchata

released July 6, 2010

All songs written, mixed, and produced by:
Marcelo E. Quinonez

Vocals, Guitar, Keys, MIDI programming, and Bass for all songs by Marcelo E. Quinonez
Drums by Eric Hastings (
Imposter & What am I doing (Done with help from the mighty Sly Lothario)
Bass by Steve Steele
Keys, Melodica by Bryan Cook
Percussion by Robert Dale Walker
Tenor Saxophone by Aaron Jenkins
Trombone by Adrian Witherspoon
Trumpet by Chris Littlefield
Baritone Saxophone by Sam Wambach
Backing Vocals on La Verdad by Lenore Venokur

Rapping by Silenzer (

Additional audio engineering and tracking by:
Jesus “Silenzer” Hernandez
Eric Hastings